Criminal Case Daily Bonus Free Energy Rewards

Criminal Case Daily Bonus Energy Link Exchange, Daily Free Rewards

Daily Bonus Limit : 3 x Orange Juice (20 Energy) & 3 x 1000 Coins & 1 x Potato Chips (50 Energy)

Get Bonus Criminal Case
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Click On Each Square Image Below To Collect Your Criminal Case Daily Bonus Energy Rewards: Chips, Orange Juice, and Coins.

– This is your Rewards one-stop shop for everything you need in Criminal Case Free Energy.

Bonus Criminal Case Free Energy Rewards for Chips, Orange Juice, and 1000 coin packs that you can collect EVERY DAY up to the maximum limit that Criminal Case allows you.
– Please be aware that when you go into Criminal Case game to collect an Energy there is a counter that shows how many you have already collected for each type bonus. Bonuses here do NOT conflict with those found on the Criminal Case Page.

criminal case daily bonus