Criminal Case Level Ranks

criminal case level ranks

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When you progress in Criminal Case Game you gain some XP – experience points in it. And You can keep track on how many xp points you have by looking at the blue bar at the top left of your game window.

When you gain more XP points in that game, you will Level Up (e.g. from Level 1 to 2, from Level 5 to 6 and so on.. ). Sometimes when you Level Up high, you can also get a new Rank of e.g. Deputy, Detective etc.

These are the Criminal Case Level Ranks Ups available and they happen when you gain the following different Levels:

Level 1 Rank: Officer

Level 5 Rank: Deputy

Level 12 Rank: Detective

Level 20 Rank: Corporal

Level 32 Rank: Sergeant

Level 45 Rank: Lieutenant

Level 60 Rank: Captain

Level 75 Rank: Major

Level 100 Rank: Inspector

Level 125 Rank: Lead Inspector

Level 150 Rank: Commander

Level 175 Rank: Deputy Chief

Level 200 Rank: Commissioner

Level 250 Rank: Sheriff

Level 300 Rank: Ranger

Level 350 Rank: Marshal

Level 400 Rank: Senior Trooper

Level 500 Rank: General

Level 600 Rank: Secret Agent

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